What I Want To Achieve In Life

What I want to achieve in life is to become a veterinarian. To become a veterinary you have to be great in science, you have to be good in math, and most importantly you have to love animals. I started wanting to be a veterinarian in the 6th grade. I saw lots of commercials about dogs and cats being abandoned. I Think animals should be treated like we would treat each other. Animals are just like humans to.

You guys are probably wondering how are animals are humans , well dogs eat like humans, dogs take bags like humans, dogs use the bathroom like humans, they have a heart and feelings like humans, they go outside like humans, they even have babies like humans. Just because we look different does not mean we are not alike. Me, becoming a veterinarian will tell animals that some people do care. I want to become a veterinarian because helping animals is a way of showing you care. Dogs are great companions, cats are awesome cuddlers , fish are really easy to take care of, and ferrets are lovable animals.  Being a vet takes a lot of responsibility.

Not only would I be helping animals I get paid a lot of money. Most vets earn at least 30,000 to 50,000. Money is very important but it’s about caring for the animal. Most people would say it’s all about the money but what if you had a sick pet you would want that vet to be honest, caring, and helpful , not just caring all about the money. My achievement is to become a vet and I think I would be an awesome vet. I wish you comment and write what you think.

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