My New Year’s Resolution

        My New Year’s Resolution is to go to a good high school. My dream school is Capital City. If I get good grades I can get into Capital City. We had a High School Fair and Capital City caught my attention. What I really like about it is you don’t have to be a star student to get in. My first school was Bell but I learn that there are a lot more options.

          If I got better behavior and better grades I can get in the High School of my choice. My New Year’s resolution is not all about good grades and behavior is about getting in the High School I want to get in. It’s hard to get in the top schools. Capital City accepts people with poor grades to make them better. Capital city is the school for me.

       My New Resolution is to get good grades and good behavior to get in Capital City. To get good grades I have to pay more attention, do all my packets, and hang out with the right people. Things would start to change. My grades and behavior would be better. That’s my New Years Resolution.

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