My New Year’s Resolution

        My New Year’s Resolution is to go to a good high school. My dream school is Capital City. If I get good grades I can get into Capital City. We had a High School Fair and Capital City caught my attention. What I really like about it is you don’t have to be a star student to get in. My first school was Bell but I learn that there are a lot more options.

          If I got better behavior and better grades I can get in the High School of my choice. My New Year’s resolution is not all about good grades and behavior is about getting in the High School I want to get in. It’s hard to get in the top schools. Capital City accepts people with poor grades to make them better. Capital city is the school for me.

       My New Resolution is to get good grades and good behavior to get in Capital City. To get good grades I have to pay more attention, do all my packets, and hang out with the right people. Things would start to change. My grades and behavior would be better. That’s my New Years Resolution.


My Family

      My family is all about love and laughter. We love to laugh and joke around. We love each other and sometimes we dislike each other, but who have seen a family who doesn’t fight? We can be crazy, silly and fun. This is my family’s fun life.

         The importance of family is to love and have fun, and some arguing to balance it out. Families should learn to love each other and care for each other. The importance of family isn’t about how rich you are or how poor you are its about people around you, you love. That is the importance of family.

        My Family is crazy but loving. They are important to me and I love them with all my heart. I don’t really care about gifts and the house I live in it matters about the people around you that care. My family is funny and loving. This my family and why they are so important.

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Justin Bieber’s Mystery Baby

All over the news and websites they have been talking about Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. Mariah Yeater a 20 year old has accused Justin Bieber of being the father of her baby. Justin Bieber denied ever seeing Mariah before. Justin Bieber has decided to get a DNA test to prove he isn’t the father. Justin Bieber’s life will change forever.

That didn’t stop there, more problems are ahead. His girlfriend Selena Gomez broke up with him because of this whole misunderstanding.  No matter how much he tries to explain Selena still can’t believe it. Now Justin only has his family and friends to rely on. His fans wait to see the results of the DNA test.

This rumor has spread quickly around the world. Justin will never be the same. My opinion is that, that is not Justin‘s baby because people will do anything for money. Please comment and tell me your opinion.

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My Role Model

Some people might say Lil Wayne is their role model or Selena Gomez but a role model is who inspire you to do things you never think you could do. A role model cares about you and your decision. Role models are very important. Everyone in my opinion should have a person they admire.

My role model is my mom. My mom is my role model because she teaches me right from wrong. She taught me everything I need to know. When I get older I am be the type of person she is. People might say why your mother is your role model, well my mom is a good person and I know her very well I don’t know Selena Gomez that well so why would she be my role model or any body else.

Everyone should have a role model. My role model is my mom. Who is yours? Please comment and say what you think. Follow!

A Mistake I Made And Learn From

Kayla Norman                                                                                                               11/15/11

                             A Mistake I Made and Learn From


     A mistake I made and learn from was choosing the right friends. I learn the hard way. I’ve been hurt, lied to, and used. Choosing the right friends can be hard and confusing. When you think you have a good friend, you won’t really know until you get hurt.

     Some friends would use you. Some friends just want your snacks, gifts, electronics, etc. Friends could be nice at first and then turn out mean. You have to be careful of who you trust. Trusting is the hardest part of finding a friend.

     You won’t know if you have a true friend until your “so call friend” hurts you. Your friend in the beginning would be awesome until their true colors come out. It’s a huge mistake that I can’t change or fix. So the next time you get a new friend find out who the really are. The mistake I made and learn from.

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What I Want To Achieve In Life

What I want to achieve in life is to become a veterinarian. To become a veterinary you have to be great in science, you have to be good in math, and most importantly you have to love animals. I started wanting to be a veterinarian in the 6th grade. I saw lots of commercials about dogs and cats being abandoned. I Think animals should be treated like we would treat each other. Animals are just like humans to.

You guys are probably wondering how are animals are humans , well dogs eat like humans, dogs take bags like humans, dogs use the bathroom like humans, they have a heart and feelings like humans, they go outside like humans, they even have babies like humans. Just because we look different does not mean we are not alike. Me, becoming a veterinarian will tell animals that some people do care. I want to become a veterinarian because helping animals is a way of showing you care. Dogs are great companions, cats are awesome cuddlers , fish are really easy to take care of, and ferrets are lovable animals.  Being a vet takes a lot of responsibility.

Not only would I be helping animals I get paid a lot of money. Most vets earn at least 30,000 to 50,000. Money is very important but it’s about caring for the animal. Most people would say it’s all about the money but what if you had a sick pet you would want that vet to be honest, caring, and helpful , not just caring all about the money. My achievement is to become a vet and I think I would be an awesome vet. I wish you comment and write what you think.

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